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Predictive Analytics Use Cases

Predictive Analytics in the Airports and Public Transportation sector

Airports and Public Transportation Business Challenges

To benefit from the mobility revolution, airports, railways and public transportation infrastructures need to always increase security, efficiency, comfort and competitivity, by leveraging the digital transformation.

During the past years, with IOT and telecom availability, mass transportation providers and transport infrastructures have collected massive data on their sophisticated ecosystems and businesses. To reach the next level, public transports have to anticipate their key operational indicators. They shall use Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to optimize their workforce efficiency, improve customer experience while guaranteeing security within their highly mobile customer growth and their always more diverse ecosystem.

Gartner stated: "By 2016, 70% of the most profitable companies will manage business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration".

Convalis Prediction Solution and Technologies


  • Automated forecasting of passenger affluence, next day/week
  • Automated adjustment to evolving context at each gates & halls in each retail point
  • Adapting automatically to seasonality and external influencing factors from other locations


  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for time series
  • Big-Data AND Open-Data automatic correlation
  • Prescriptive Operational Metric Forecasts
  • Automated Contextualization in thousands of transport hubs

Business and Solution Benefits

Airports & Public Transportation Business Benefits

  • Accurate daily/intraday passengers @ arrival/departure
  • Forecast Transport Hubs & SmartCities & Parking footfall
  • Resources planning for Security, Logistics, Customs, Retail
  • Workforce Optimization, while controlling Wait-Time/Security
  • Market Retail & Catering opportunities at the most valuable time periods & locations
  • Optimize shared infrastructure allocation (Gates, Tracks...)
  • Increase Passenger & Travel Ecosystem satisfaction

Solution Benefits

  • Extracting business value from historical data
  • Correlating with influential Open-Data: weather, calendar, EuroCtrl flight schedules, real-time traffic, smart-cities traffic & events
  • Automated Machine Learning Forecasting with detailed granularity at each transport hub, halls, during various seasonal periods
  • Automated model contextualization for scalable deployments into thousands of locations
  • IT flexibility: in-house Data-Center or in Secured Hybrid Clouds, SAAS with APIs to existing & standard Business Intelligence applications to preserve business confidentiality & personal data
  • Fast Proof of Concept & Pilot to validate immediate ROI

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