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Predictive Analytics in the Telecom sector

Telecom Business Challenges

Telecom operators and service providers are serving multiple segments of customers with always more complete bundle of services.

It includes mobile communications, but also multimedia and entertainment services and more and more internet applications. The same users are also simultaneously customers under different contexts: with their enterprise, as personal or family member, as a traveller. Moreover, the telecom market is also maturing and consolidating in every regions with a fast growing competition.

Telecom operator have been in a unique position to collect many big data on each of their customers.

Convalis Prediction Solutions

Convalis Prediction Crystal & Quartz machine learning platform are unique instrument to learn automatically from these core big data. They identify and predict the future behaviors of the users as well as their main motivation factor for such behaviors.

Without being a mathematician expert, the telecom operator marketing & customer service department can profile, identify and predict next behaviors:

  • Churn intent
  • Interest in new products
  • Required capacity to allow an SLA delivery

By using Convalis Prediction the telecom operator business specialist can take immediate action plan on prescriptive prediction to target and reach the customer at risk, motivate them to decrease their churn, propose new services and provision the right capacity to serve them with quality without over investments.

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