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Predictive Analytics in the Freight and Logistics sector

Freight & Logistics has never been more critical for product business.

With a market becoming more and more global, being able to produce and ship to all distribution in due time is key to not miss any customer opportunity. Meanwhile, warehouse inventories and transport time are major costs and source of depreciation if not efficiently managed.

Even more if the product are perishable, it has become essential to balance permanently between demand, supply and logistics timing & costs. With global demand, the seasonality and the cyclicality of market demand is exacerbated and is very complex to predict and plan.

Nonetheless, it is now possible to anticipate major seasonal events, calendar of activities in each region, weather, both local, regional and national.

Demand / Supply forecasting

Forecasting short term demand in each region is key to be able to plan efficient supply, minimize inventories while leveraging the most affordable but reliable freight means.

Convalis Prediction Crystal platform will process the available product big data and exogenous data to assess and forecast short term evolution of the product demand.

Even in a context of a wide product portfolio, by using industry open data, but learning from the historical records, Crystal allows product managers, logistics team and management to automate accurate predictions of the different volume and value of products in all their regions.

Freight & Transport Optimization

All market player compete for the same resources of transport & freight.

With the seasonality exacerbation, during high demand time, the transport capacities are missing. Better planning of market demand and supply is allowing a better control, but competitive industry sectors are often unpredictable to another industry.

Convalis Prediction Genius platform is accessing and processing the market data of the different industries, the transport resources capacities and availabilities, in order to build short term forecast of the transport & freight activities.

Genius Finance allows the product and distribution companies to forecast and eventually hedge their transport activities.

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