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Predictive Analytics in different industries

Convalis Prediction Use Cases

Predictions and forecasting the key performance varibales of a business is critical to the competitiveness of businesses

Predictions and forecasting the key performance variable of a business is critical to it competitiveness of businesses. Gartner expect that by 2016, 70% of the most profitable companies will manage business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration.

Predictive Analytics in all areas of the organisation

Forecasting and Predictive analytics can give a unique competitive advantage in all areas of an enterprise organisation:

  • To adjust production means to the demand
  • To minimize inventory without missing any customer opportunity
  • To optimize logistics and distributions
  • To target individualized offers fro new revenue and profits
  • To optimize sales and marketing efforts across opportunities
  • To identify faster and precisely new upsell/crosssell opportunities
  • To support more efficiently customer increasing satisfaction and loyalty

Beyond company global predictions, how to automate the localisation of these predictions and make every region access to their benefits?

With artificial intelligence, we can make every local need benefits from the global corporate learning.

Convalis Prediction's Crystal, Genius Finance and Quartz have automated the best algorithms to serve the different functions of key sectors where the prediction has a large contribution to the revenue and profit of the overall business.

Convalis Prediction performance allow both savings in costs and / or incremental profitable revenue impacting up to 35% of the bottom line of its users.

Convalis Prediction - Predictive Analytics Use Cases

Here are some selected examples of sectors and use cases where Convalis Prediction has proven its performance.


Your business also would be under great control and value creation if you had the capability to correlate and predict directly some of your key business indicators with some of your Big Data and/or some public / Open data new sources.

  • Without deploying significant mathematician expertise, while accessing to the best innovative machine learning algorithms
  • With the option to deploy in a cloud based services and/or in your data center or private cloud
  • Convalis Prediction has a predictive analytics solution for you

Please let us know about the business problem that you would like to predict. And we shall put a model in place for your optimized usage.

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