<h1>Financial Services - Predictive Analytics Use Case</h1> <p>Leading enterprises in the Financial Services industry sector improve their competitive advantage with Predictive Analytics and Automated Machine Learning methods and concepts developed by Convalis Prediction. The key feature of their sophisticated products and solutions is the reliable forecasting of key business and performance indicators for enterprises in the financial services industry sector.</p> <p>Convalis Prediction is a business unit of Convalis AG based in Switzerland and is the channel partner of Predictive Layer also based in Switzerland. Convalis Prediction provides worldwide professional support services in the area of Predictive Analytics and Automated Machine Learning.</p>
Predictive Analytics and Automated Machine Learning


Predictive Analytics Use Cases

Predictive Analytics in the Financial Services sector

Financial Services asset management

Financial services and Financial instruments have developed in a massive and global way during last 20 years.

More instruments are daily available and are derived from other set of instruments. Moreover, daily industries and agencies are issuing more open data on markets, supply, demands, transformation, transport.

Convalis Prediction Crystal & Genius Finance platform can automatically correlate the different influences of these variables to predict the future evolutions of these investment vehicles.

Financial & Insurance transaction process

By learning automatically from the historical transactions and executed processes to serve customers, The machine learning platform can automatically anticipate:

  • Potential fraud on transaction
  • Potential impact of process evolution on customer delivery costs & speed

Customer Relationship Management

As financial services and insurance companies develop their customer relationships.

New services and new products could be of great value to the customers during their life time.

Convalis Prediction Crystal & Quartz platform can automatically profile the customers, predict the evolution of their requirement over time. So that specific target offering can be made to the each segment.

  • Its increases revenue by upsell and crossell, it reduce marketing and sales costs to target the right future customers
  • It increases the customer satisfaction by delivering a focused dedicated services (without over communications)

Convalis Prediction is the channel partner of Predictive Layer
and a business unit of Convalis AG.

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