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Predicting key performance indicators

Predicting the key performance indicators of your business allows you to anticipate and take pre-emptive action plans, providing your company with a unique competitive edge.

Classic predictive analytics solutions

Classic predictive analytics solutions have a few important drawbacks:

  • A high level of mathematician expertise is required.
  • No automated nor simple access to all the available open data sources.
  • A complex IT and software integration into expensive enterprise data centers.

Convalis Prediction - Predictive Analytics products and solutions

Convalis prediction platforms learn from the open data of your industry to accurately predict key performance indicators of your business.

The Crystal and Genius Finance platforms are allowing any business specialist to model and predict automatically its key business performance indicators, using the knowledge included in your big data.

  • The predicting platform is fully automated and it does not require special mathematical expertise.
  • It is implementing a set of innovative high performance artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms.

The Convalis Prediction IT and Software implementation can be deployed automatically at your convenience on a secured cloud based services or directly in your enterprise data center.

  • Business owners can bring in their own data and indicators, and they receive the results of their predictions via APIs or via a web service user interface.
  • So you can simply learn from the smart big data, anticipate your opportunities & challenges and take the right action plan before competition!

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