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GENIUS RETAIL automated forecasting for Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics to Optimize business operations

Genius Retail is an automated machine learning platform to predict the short-term evolution in time of the key performance indicators of a retail business.

Genius finance leverage its unique and innovative machine learning artificial intelligence to learn from Retailer Big Data sources and from external markets and event trends and open data base.

  • It connects automatically in real time with a wide range of Retailer, Supply chain or Logistics IT applications, but also from external data base of events which influence the retail or supply chain activities (weather, sport, social, tradeshow events...) providing visibility on supply and demand patterns.
  • The automated machine learning innovative algorithms are processing the historical data to identify past trends and influences. It correlates them with actual impact on the key variables of the Retail business (turnover, articles, flow, per product line or per categories).
  • Genius Retail is correlating automatically all the different input variables and predicts the short term evolution trend and levels to be expected in the future intraday day, week, months.

The user of the Genius Retail will focus his expertise to select the most probable variables impacting the retail & supply activities.

Via a simple web based application, he/she will build his different models of prediction to fit the exact tracking of its revenue, flow of people, number of tickets, per category, per product any day and at any timeslot of the day.

The results of the prediction provide daily forecasted evolution, minute by minute of each target.

The user will use these forecasts to plan its short term allocation of resources, purchase orders, inventory management and optimization to maximize the Return on investment of its retail and supply chain activities.

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