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forecasting trends in financial markets

GENIUS FINANCE automated machine learning platform

Genius Finance is an automated machine learning platform to predict the short term evolution in time and the trends of some selected B2B trading markets and/or financial markets.

Genius finance leverage its unique and innovative machine learning artificial intelligence to learn from all the market data the relative influence each participant to a B2B trading.

  • It connects automatically in real time with a wide range of open data which provides knowledge on supply and demand.
  • The automated machine learning innovative algorithms are processing the historical data to identify past trends and influences.
  • Genius finance is correlating automatically all the different input variables and predicts the short term evolution trend and levels to be expected in the future day, week, months.

The user of the Genius Finance will focus his expertise to select the most probable variables impacting the trading.

Via a simple web based application, he will build his different models of prediction to fit the exact trading strategy that he want to develop.

The results of the prediction provide daily recommendation on the trend of each target.

The user will be able to adopt these recommendation and pursue the development of portfolio of assets on these basis.

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