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forecasting key business indicators

CRYSTAL automated machine learning platform

Crystal is an automated machine learning platform which is used to predict the short term trend of your key business indicators.

If your business

  • is highly seasonal
  • has a daily major evolving trends
  • depends on major external factors like weather, calendar, web sentiment

then Crystal might greatly help you to improve your competitice advantage.

What are the benefits of using Crystal?

Crystal can automatically learn from your historical big data and from the available open data of your industry.

Crystal predicts the future evolution in time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) of your key business indicators.

You may use those predictions to take preemptive action plan leading to true impact on your business:

  • Anticipate accurately your purchase plan to obtain better prices
  • Predict work-load in the supply chain optimizing flexible costs, while improving service quality
  • Plan customer audience to adapt and target the sales and marketing efforts
  • Forecast precisely the future market demand to optimize your production plans and inventories, without missing any revenue opportunity

No need for special mathematical expertise

Crystal has already implemented and optimized all the sequence of math algorithms to allow those predictions automatically.

It uses artificial intelligence machine learning and a series of unique and innovative algorithms.

Your data scientists can focus on the true value chain of your business, without requiring advanced math expertise.

  • The business user of the platform will bring his expertise from your business to create simply a valuable prediction of a key target indicators.
  • The user will select target variables that can drive immediate action plan, select the most probable variables of influence, monitor the model creation via simple, and intuitive web services.
  • So that the user can initiate the adjusted action plan, directly based on the prediction results.

Crystal will connect automatically to the available exogenous data of your sector or from adjacent influential sectors. It will bring the learning of its historical track record and correlate it with the performance indicator of your business, at the same time and date.

To provide scalability, resilience, security, confidentiality and privacy, Crystal platform can be operated in multiple flexible IT & Software existing framework: in public cloud, in hybrid secured cloud, on premises private cloud or classic data center.

The deployment and operations are automated and controlled via web services.

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